I’m running a weekly online D&D B/X game focused on hexcrawling and dungeon delving in the Wilderlands of High Fantasy Barbarian Altanis—a hostile land filled with ancient riches and antediluvian evils.

We are using Discord for chat and voice, Owlbear Rodeo for mapping, and Google Slides for character sheets. You can find all other campaign resources, active characters, and session reports below.

See here if you’d like to join us. We welcome players of all skill.

Attronarch's Wilderlands Flyer

Campaign Resources

Character Roster


Player Character Class
Dyme Sybil the Dual-Destined Cleric
Anselm Ingemar Magic-User
Griselame Brianh “the Blessed” Magic-User
Sam Rad Thief
Sam II Eccy Throi Elf
Alexis Flamthwynn Magic-User
Alex Amanka Cleric
Mitch Kuqhir of the Wastes Magic-User
Alexis Tamren Cleric
Anthony Brent Goose Cleric
Mitch Ad'wi the Round Thief
Jonathan Boots Febalem Magic-User
Nikos Hellmuth Mithaft Fighter
Jonathan Edimus Gorgon Cleric
JP Hagar the Hewer Dwarf
Anthony Hedwig Hogwarts Elf
Sam Ranger the Bull Fighter
Sean Tarkus the Promising Cleric
Sean Beorg the Gravedigger Fighter
Alex Bairstowbury the Chaotic Halfling
JP Ambros Cleric
Konstantin Darius Cleric
Konstantin Rorik Fighter
Marc Vyrkainen Elf


Player Character Class Death
Jimmy Norval Cleric Taken down by an arrow.
Dyme Aedh the Funereal Elf Broke his neck in a pit trap.
Sam Myst Elf Disintegrated by translucent goo.
Mitch Richter the Ruddy Fighter Torn asunder by an owlbear.
Daryl Tsielpffn Elf Clawed to death by another owlbear.
Sam Melvin Magic-User Head bitten off by hellish creature.
Anthony Lir Cleric Clawed to death by the same hellish creature.
Mitch Belanor Elf Clawed to death by the same hellish creature.
Anthony Cigam Magic-User Dragged underwater by a crocodile.
Daryl Pusgic Fighter Crushed by a giant beetle.
Anthony Taaz Fighter Thorax ripped out by a giant beetle.
Anthony Sashundo Dwarf Chomped by an eleven headed monstrosity.
Mitch Gabriel Faria Elf Cleaved in half by Goreaxe the Pacifist.
Mitch Remli Smithers Thief Fell face-first from 50 feet.
Marius Rux Cleric Arm chopped off, and beaten to a pulp by three hobgoblins.
Anthony Taaz Fighter Eyes clawed out and stabbed to death by a gang of goblins.
Mitch Winslow Fighter Throat ripped out by a wolf.
Anthony Deter Darker Magic-User Ambushed by three hobgoblins.
Katsu Morfindien Magic-User Pummelled to death by three stone statues.
Anthony Francis Goreaxe Dwarf Swallowed whole by giant man-crow.
Anthony Kenobi Thief Thrown into a wall by gorgeous dame.
Alex Alestone Dwarf Beaten to a pulp by giant fungi-man.
Mitch Adkin the Butcher Fighter Suffocated by a giant pile of leaves.
Anthony Dave John Basic Fighter Suffocated in the same giant pile of leaves.
Sam II Mano Stern Cleric Self-immolated in the bowels of a giant fungi mound.
Nikos Taegen Ianlynn Elf Carbonised by thunderbolt from a giant fungi mound.
Sam II Ulster Fighter Mauled to death by a giant fungi mound.
Mitch Brawley 'The Rat' Appleton Dwarf Eaten alive by large wolves.
Mitch Delphine the Spiteful Fighter Perished to pit trap.
Alexis Blutvarth Fighter Wasted away in the arms of a busty nurse.
Anthony BuddyPuddingBottom Elf Died to a poison needle trap in The Pit.
Alexis Kallahan Cleric Consumed by black mass in The Pit.
Nikos Neremyn Elf Consumed by black mass in The Pit.
Mitch Rhovar Fighter Inhaled a deadly mix of yellow and purple dust.
JP Fra Nevjest Cleric Dropped from 160 feet by a giant eagle.
Anthony Orion Thief Speared through face by a barbarian he insulted.
JP Fra Nevjest Cleric Head smashed by deformed cannibal humans.
Mitch Orda Fighter Unleashed fiery hell at a cannibal horde surrounding him. Everyone perished.
Nikos Norwell Swifthand Thief Escaped by drowning in river Farhills.
Sam Harker Fighter Mauled to death by a large mastiff.
Anthony Ripos Wildcheeks Halfling Stabbed to death.
Sam Gildree Elf Fell into the dark pit face-first.
Sam Darrad Cleric Fell into the dark pit face-first.
Sam Marston Dangon Magic-User Bled to death after his hands got cut off.
Sam Basso Halfling Drained of life.
Sam Gwendin Cleric Cleaved in half by a skeleton.
Sam Conly Fighter Took an arrow to the neck.
Sam Algon Thief Slipped as he descended 40 feet tall cliff.
Sam II Hist Fighter Succumbed to blood loss after amputation.
Konstantin Ert Fighter Succumbed to disease.
Sam II Barad the Bald Magic-User Speared by a drunk orc.
Sam Ervain Cleric Slashed to death by goblins.
Sean Celeborn of Revelshire Elf Hacked to death by goblins.
Konstantin Ryan Magic-User Stabbed to death by goblins.
Konstantin Rigby Thief Crushed by an obese monster.
Sam Rah Cleric Clubbed to death by a large beastman.
JP Rashomon Elf Hacked to death by orcs and gnolls.
Konstantin Orist Elf Ripped apart by a pack of zombies.
Sam II Derennan Dwarf Slain by gnolls.
Sean II Elvis Elf Slain by gnolls.
Alex Galepurse the Hapless Cleric Devoured alive by a musty cloak.


Player Character Class Fate
Sam Jaha Dwarf Dragged into dark dungeon.
Mitch Allon Cleric Smell of incense is the last he remembers.
Alexis Alric Fighter Dragged into darkness.
Mitch Dingbatt Barrett Thief Found his true home.
Anthony Sinai Cleric Captured by fungi-men.
Alex Zilar Fighter Dragged into deep water by two lizardmen.
JP Llyfed Elf Enslaved by gnolls.
Konstantin Nolmbork Dwarf Enslaved by gnolls.
Anthony Oberon Fighter Enslaved by gnolls?


Player Character Class Fate
Theo Dalkanarion Fighter Left for other lands.
Daryl Saga-Bhoy Thief Retired to village life in Kestizar.
Mitch Jimmy Three Fingers Thief Retired to live a hermits life in the mountains south of the tree of the black monster.
Alexis Isembard Halfling Resolved that his cousin must have been dead, and that it wasn't worth risking his life to retrieve whatever remained of him. He settled in some nearby town of little importance but which is renowned for its good food, where he opened his own travelling wagon-restaurant.
Alexis Arradir Elf Unimpressed by his lowly “companions,” the elf decided to travel to some faraway, richer city, where the wine is nice and the women nicer. He was swept away and eaten by a wyvern shortly after exiting Antil.
Mitch Haleth Elf Found some pipeweed growing on the Elder Temple grounds and has decided to farm it, acting as the temple groundsman.
Anthony Pocku Cleric Assaulted and mugged by an orphan gang while on his was to enlist for the Hydra Company. The events turned dark as full blown food fight ensued. The orphans trapped him inside a shipping create which was loaded into a trading boat heading for an unknown destination.
Mitch Eon Fighter After being swindled he become destitute and ended up a city guard.
Sam II Barad the Bald Magic-User Accepted Zarifa's offer to follow her to the City State of the Invincible Overlord.

Campaign Journal

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