I’m running a weekly online D&D B/X game focused on hexcrawling and dungeon delving in the Wilderlands of High Fantasy Barbarian Altanis—a hostile land filled with ancient riches and antediluvian evils.

We are using Discord for chat and voice, Owlbear Rodeo for mapping, and Google Slides for character sheets. You can find all other campaign resources, active characters, and session reports below.

Write me at attronarch[AT]mailbox[DOT]org if you’d like to join the wait-list. Beginners and experienced players welcome alike.

Attronarch's Wilderlands Flyer

Campaign Resources

Character Roster


Player Character Class
Dyme Sybil the Dual-Destined Cleric
Anselm Ingemar Magic-User
Anthony Taaz Fighter
Alexis Kallahan Cleric
Griselame Brianh “the Blessed” Magic-User
Sam Rad Thief
Ilya Bobins Halfling
Sam Basso Halfling
Mitch Rhovar Fighter
Anthony Sinai Cleric
Katsu Mac Thief
Nikos Norwell Swifthand Thief
Sam II Eccy Throi Elf
Alexis Flamthwynn Magic-User
Alexis Blutvarth Fighter
Anthony BuddyPuddingBottom Elf


Player Character Class Death
Jimmy Norval Cleric Taken down by an arrow.
Dyme Aedh the Funereal Elf Broke his neck in a pit trap.
Sam Myst Elf Disintegrated by translucent goo.
Mitch Richter the Ruddy Fighter Torn asunder by an owlbear.
Daryl Tsielpffn Elf Clawed to death by another owlbear.
Sam Melvin Magic-User Head bitten off by hellish creature.
Anthony Lir Cleric Clawed to death by the same hellish creature.
Mitch Belanor Elf Clawed to death by the same hellish creature.
Anthony Cigam Magic-User Dragged underwater by a crocodile.
Daryl Pusgic Fighter Crushed by a giant beetle.
Anthony Taaz Fighter Thorax ripped out by a giant beetle.
Anthony Sashundo Dwarf Chomped by an eleven headed monstrosity.
Mitch Gabriel Faria Elf Cleaved in half by Goreaxe the Pacifist.
Mitch Remli Smithers Thief Fell face-first from 50 feet.
Marius Rux Cleric Arm chopped off, and beaten to a pulp by three hobgoblins.
Anthony Taaz Fighter Eyes clawed out and stabbed to death by a gang of goblins.
Mitch Winslow Fighter Throat ripped out by a wolf.
Anthony Deter Darker Magic-User Ambushed by three hobgoblins.
Katsu Morfindien Magic-User Pummelled to death by three stone statues.
Anthony Francis Goreaxe Dwarf Swallowed whole by giant man-crow.
Anthony Kenobi Thief Thrown into a wall by gorgeous dame.
Alex Alestone Dwarf Beaten to a pulp by giant fungi-man.
Mitch Adkin the Butcher Fighter Suffocated by a giant pile of leaves.
Anthony Dave John Basic Fighter Suffocated in the same giant pile of leaves.
Sam II Mano Stern Cleric Swallowed whole by a giant fungi mound. Self-immolated.
Nikos Taegen Ianlynn Elf Carbonised by thunderbolt from a giant fungi mound.
Sam II Ulster Fighter Mauled to death by a giant fungi mound.
Mitch Brawley 'The Rat' Appleton Dwarf Eaten alive by large wolves.


Player Character Class Fate
Sam Jaha Dwarf Dragged into dark dungeon.
Mitch Allon Cleric Smell of incense is the last he remembers.
Alexis Alric Fighter Dragged into darkness.
Mitch Dingbatt Barrett Thief Found his true home.
Anthony Sinai Cleric Captured by fungi-men.


Player Character Class Fate
Theo Dalkanarion Fighter Left for other lands.
Daryl Saga-Bhoy Thief Retired to village life in Kestizar.
Mitch Jimmy Three Fingers Thief Retired to live a hermits life in the mountains south of the tree of the black monster.
Alexis Isembard Halfling Resolved that his cousin must have been dead, and that it wasn't worth risking his life to retrieve whatever remained of him. He settled in some nearby town of little importance but which is renowned for its good food, where he opened his own travelling wagon-restaurant.
Alexis Arradir Elf Unimpressed by his lowly “companions,” the elf decided to travel to some faraway, richer city, where the wine is nice and the women nicer. He was swept away and eaten by a wyvern shortly after exiting Antil.

Campaign Journal

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