Conquering the Barbarian Altanis: Session 76


Character Class Description
Rashomon Elf level 2 A dangerous looking elf.
Llyfed Elf level 3 Thin and balding elf whom also happens to be Rashomon's friend.
Nolmbork Dwarf level 2 Portly, bald, red bearded, with an epic nose. On a mission to have a drink in every settlement in Wilderlands.
Orist Elf level 1 An elf.
Derennan Dwarf level 3 A dwarf hailing from Western Wastes.
Rah Cleric level 2 A follower of Molna, God of Travellers, whom has an opinion about everything.

Gloomfrost 4th, Fireday

“Cursed?! Of course it is cursed, the damned thing is called “Doomed!” What else would it be?! YOU KNEW THAT AND YOU TOOK IT ANYWAY?!”

Tangay's mocking tone still rang true in Rashomon's ears. To add insult to injury, the word has spread Hara like wildfire. Not only has the elf become laughingstock of everyone at the Wizards' Guild, but also of commoners as well. It seemed like everyone snickered and giggled at Rashomon.

Mavis the Magnificent, Poseidon's High Priestess, whom is capable of raising dead is most certainly capable of removing curses as well. Prayers to the God of Sea weren't sufficient—a donation of 4 500 gp is required as well.

So here he was, back at the den, with Llyfed, Nolmbork, Orist, Derennan, and Rah, newly recruited human cleric. They spotted a gang of dog-headed humanoids descending into the dungeon the night before.

Now it was their turn to go down.

Corpses from the entrance chamber were gone.

The party turned left, left at the junction, and then broke into the chamber they've been passing until now. Stench of death permeated the room. Six maggot-infested goblin corpses were strewn about the chamber. Party closed the doors and moved down the corridor, took another left turn, and through yet another doors.


A twenty by twenty feet bare chamber with a plate-sized hole in the center and doors on the opposite side. Peeking through the doors revealed four large interlinked circles carved into the north wall. After deploying a number of safety precautions, the party traversed the room without any loss.

Now they entered into the many-doored chamber they've been to before—the one with a painting of robed man reading many books at once. Derennan ordered the painting to be wrapped and taken to identification in Hara.

Pushing on, adventurers found themselves in yet another long corridor. Darkness to the left, darkness to the right; left one seemed more attractive. Another t-shaped junction, splitting right and forward.

“Let's check doors to the right.”

They too were stuck; nothing that these strong folk couldn't get unstuck. But not before failing once first.


With neither side surprised, and both sides charging towards each other, they clashed in the middle of the chamber. A funny looking goblin with a green pointy hat, and amateurishly painted mail armour, stood in the center, barking some incomprehensible words and waving a rod-like object.

Nolmbork, in his great excitement to slay some goblins, had drawn the sword so quickly he nicked his own throat, nearly decapitating himself. Weren't it for Rah, the dwarf would've most certainly died there and then.

Illustrated by kickmaniac

Brutal skirmish did not last long. Rashomon had slain one, Nolmbork two after he had recovered, Llyfed one, and Derennan had beheaded the one with pointy hat. They left one alive for some interrogation.

This was a filthy chamber, with some pilled rocks in the corner pretending to be an altar to the goblins' god of hunt.

“What lies to the south, beyond the doors?!”

“To the west is our treasure room and to the south is death!”

“What do you mean?”

“There are a bunch of pools, and if you drink from any you dieee!”

“Open the doors for us!”

“Oh, are these mighty, heavily armoured and armed adventurers so cowardly to be afraid of opening the doors for themselves?”

They executed him after he opened the doors.

Orist noticed secret doors in the northwest portion of the chamber. Pushing them open revealed a room nearly twice as big compared to the one they were in.

Three large chests were lined by the north wall. Leftmost one was closed without obvious lock, middle one was smashed open, and the rightmost one was closed with a large padlock.

Careful inspection revealed very little. By now, the wise adventurers have learned better than to “just” open unlocked chests in the dungeon, even if they happen to be in a secret chamber. So one of them fetched the rod waved by the goblin shaman, and used it to open the chest.


It was filled to the brim with orangish coins. A small coin pouch rested on top. In it—three small, shiny gems.

Investigating the chest on the right side had triggered the padlock. It shook and formed a mouth, which spoke with large, booming voice:

“What belongs to you, But is used more by thy friends?”


“Correct!” the padlock answered, laughing heartily. And then it popped open!

One of the elves gingerly opened the chest. It was lined with plush velvet. In the center was another box, small and elegant. Inside it were four vials with silver liquid. On each was a label in elven script but common tongue: “an open book,” ““a stylized shining sun, “a mouse,” and “a muscled man.”

Having plundered everything they could, the party moved further south. Short corridor terminated with another t-shaped junction. Light was shinning underneath doors to the south. Listening at the doors revealed nothing though.

Forcing the doors open did reveal a bit more though. Wide t-shaped chamber, illuminated by unknown sources, with eight small pools containing various coloured liquids.

Following brief exploration (without any licking, sipping, or drinking), the party had decided they've accumulated enough treasure to head back to Hara.

Being encumbered meant they were moving half their usual speed. Which meant it'd take them twice as long to reach Hara. But that also meant they have more time to count all their copper coins. All 1 573 copper coins.

Gloomfrost 9th, Fireday

Since they've returned, the party had taken all their suspicious liquids to the alchemist for identification. She was unhappy about their slow progress regarding the Red Dragon, but sold them her service nonetheless.

Llyfed took the goblin's steel rod to the Wizards' Guild for identification. Now he too was the laughingstock for thinking that a steel rod is magical.


But Tangay's laughter was cut short as Derennan presented the recovered portrait.

“Wh-where did you find this?! Do you know who that is?! That's famous Sysgrin! You found it in a dungeon? He used to have a tower around here... Listen, listen! If you bring me his book I'll teach your friends any spell that I know!” He confirmed that Sysgrin had a penchant for riddles and traps.

Finally, Derennan checked on the gold necklace he had commissioned from the local jeweller. It was to be a gift for the Imrael family, the wealthiest and most influential family in Hara.

Few nights ago, whilst returning from the dungeon, they were awoken to sounds of battles. Or rather, sounds of screams and agony and wolf howls. They choose to ignore them and sleep on.

Today Derennan learnt that one of Imrael's caravans hadn't arrived.

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