Conquering the Barbarian Altanis: Session 1


Character Class Description
Owsley Thief level 1 A rugged survivalist dressed in greens and browns carrying a special-made spear quiver.
Saga-Bhoy Thief level 1 A slender man of many careers, including, but not limited to: gambling, almanac-writing, and pranking.
Dalkanarion Fighter level 1 A youthful specimen in full strength, full of purpose, bluster, and eagerness to prove himself.
Bunzo Halfling level 1 A stout halfling with impressive beard and non-existent moustache. Happy, boisterous, and multiple-cup winner.
Jaha Dwarf level 1 An old dwarf looking for some adventure.

Thawmist 5th, Spiritday

The party met in Kestizar, a village south-west of Antil, eager to earn some coin without breaking too much sweat. Since their arrival they've learned about several opportunities, but alas, all seemed to be too much work.

Engrossed in discussion, Dalkanarion barely noticed an offensive smelly figure crawling and drooling all over him. Without missing a beat he grabbed the figure by the wrists and inquired about its intentions. 'Twas nothing but a beggar begging for coin.

The fighter demonstrated his benevolence by paying for the beggars meal—much to the dislike of local patrons. Silver-tongued Saga-Bhoy worked his hands, dropping a coin into the beggars purse, testing his thieves' cant. No noticeable response came back.

Although innkeeper didn't have any useful rumours, he did mention that there was a wealthy merchant who was supposed to arrive days ago. Perhaps he might've been eaten by wild dogs that have been sighted recently?

And so they set out to seek this pack of wild dogs that have been terrorising fair people of Kestizar. Three hours later they found dried blood leading to thicker woods. Jaha was first to notice heat signatures in the darkness—informing his companions without delay. They immediately lowered their posture and began discussing their master plan. The play was on.

The play being Bunzo stepping up and shouting insults at the largest canine that just came within their sight. After all, he hadn't left his shire just play possum in some grass. He was promptly rewarded by being bitten so hard he felt unconscious.

Jaha and Dalkanarion stood their ground in the face of five ferocious wild dogs, dishing out—and receiving—damage as liberally as they could. Owsley and Saga-Bhoy engaged with missiles from safe distance. In fact, the former managed to skewer the large canine, fixating his corpse in a standing position.

Despite losing what seemed to be their alpha, the remaining feral dogs have not relented. They party dispatched of them in two rounds... Only to hear more barking and howling incoming from the woods.

Fighter and dwarf patched their brave halfling up, and helped him walk. They noticed another pack of dogs existing the woods, just as they made some distance. These were lead by another large canine, perhaps even larger than the first one. It approached the skewered one, bumping it with its snout multiple times.

It unleashed a gut-wrenching howl. The hunt was on.

Alas, the party was too slow, and were eventually caught by a pack of rather wild wild dogs. Saga-Bhoy, ever a fast-thinker and pranker, played his kazoo franticly, utterly confusing one of the dogs. Other party members threw their rations, much to their benefit. All but the largest dog stopped to snack.

Jaha took the brunt of the new attack, reciprocating in kind by lifting the canine and cleaving in its skull with his battleaxe. Dalkanarion then lifted its corpse and threw it at the pack chewing on the rations, whilst Owlsey set one of them on fire. Remaining dogs fled with a whimper.

Leaving Bunzo to play possum in some grass, remaining adventures followed the blood trail to a half-eaten human clad in a ridiculous leather garment full of buckles and straps. They were quick to liberate the corpse of its messenger bag, which just happened to have some gold coins and a scroll case.

Victorious and rich, they returned to Kestizar with a half-eaten corpse and dog's head. That gesture was wholly unwelcome by the local militia, and the enterprising adventures were sternly asked not to bring anymore corpses to the village.

And so the party was truly welcomed to the Barbarian Altanis.

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