Conquering the Barbarian Altanis: Session 6


Character Class Description
Reedo Halfling level 1 Portly, somewhat distant and out-of-place, novice adventurer seeking riches in the big scary world. Very likeable.
Richter Fighter level 1 Ugly looking figure with ruddy face, belching speech, and single tooth.
Alric Fighter level 1 Tall, broad-shouldered avatar of masculinity. Obligatory horned helmet and majestic blonde mustache included.
Melvin Magic-user level 1 Introduces himself as “Melvin the Magnificent.” Known as “Melvin the Mediocre.”
Tsielpffn Elf level 1 An imposing 4 foot 9 figure rocking a crazy goatee and embodying multiple personalities.
Lir Cleric level 1 A tall lanky worshipper of Ragtha dressed in grand blue robes covered with fish motifs.
Owsley Thief level 1 A rugged survivalist dressed in greens and browns carrying a special-made spear quiver.

Richter's report linked at the end of the post.

Dewsnap 4th, Fireday

“I'd rather die than keep on running!”

Reedo, Richter, Alric, and Melvin turned around to face their pursuers. It's been a long day. Perhaps it will be their last.

Ingemar kept fleeing—he was carrying most of the treasure they've recovered just hours ago.

They could see the goblins mounted on giant wolves rapidly approaching them, spittle flying left and right. Ricther and Alric joined their shields, Reedo readied his sling, and Melvin hastily readied his spell.

Unbeknownst to them, master tracker Owlsey managed to find Ibor's camp. He persuaded him and Lir, a short off-balance priest obsessed with fish, to move towards the parties last known location.

The brave fighter duo took the brunt of the charge, braving bites and slashes and insults. Melvin pulled off a miracle and managed to put to sleep two of the large wolves. Owlsey and Lir were just within the sight—the former rushed to aid his battle brothers. The latter ran forward as well, but with much less grace.

Unknown figure stepped out of the woods, shooting down one goblin with uncanny precision. Friend or foe? Whilst definitely humanoid, the creature seemed to scream and yell in the same language as the goblins party was currently fighting.

Melee turned nasty; both sides fought desperately; chunks of flesh and blood splattered the green, lush grass. The goatee rocking figure turned out to have arcane capabilities as well, as demonstrated by it putting to sleep the remaining giant wolf.

Once the chaos subdued, everybody was standing but Melvin. Brave as he is, once he cast his only spell he took to his dagger and charged straight into the fray. Clumsy as he is, he immediately slipped on the grass and knocked himself unconscious.

The newcomer introduced himself as Tsielpffn, a recreational butcher of goblins, and invited them all to counter-attack incoming goblin horde. The party kindly refused. In fact, they opted for tactical retreat, leaving behind their thrown weapons, loot, and corpses.

Reedo sweet-talked Ibor into taking them to his secret safe spot at the edge of the jungle. Many of them were wounded and exhausted, and were unlikely to survive the perilous jungle trip back to the Rantar's keep. Two full days of rest later and they were ready to march on.

Their journey was mostly calm, except that one time Tsielpffn and Ibor ran into a greyish, gooey substance between the trees. The surroundings look as if the jungle itself had a yeast infection. Adventurers' amusement was cut short once Lir and Reedo spotted two giant tarantulas descending from the dark tree-tops.

Tsielpffn ripped himself and Ibor free, while Richter and the rest deliberated if they should set the whole jungle on fire or not. Ibor had no patience for their shenanigans and laid out an ultimatum “Either leave with me right now, or navigate this jungle yourself!” The decision made itself once a winged creature picked up one of the giant spiders. From then on, our brave gang moved with an impressive pace.

The party arrived at the keep on Dewsnap 10th, Spiritday, and promptly partied away their recovered treasure. But that is another story.

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