Conquering the Barbarian Altanis: Session 83


Character Class Description
Hagar the Hewer Dwarf level 1 Imagine Conan as dwarf.
Ambros Cleric level 2 Follower of Aniu, Lord of Time.
Darius Cleric level 2 Follower of Dacron, God of Craftsmen.
Rorik Fighter level 2 A fighter.
Bob the Dwarf Dwarf level 1 Midget with big beard in search of an adventure.

Thawmist 17th, Waterday

There she was, at the Black Eagle tavern, cheering and giggling with her two girlfriends and two aspiring suitors.

Deidamamina, the porter hired by Derennan a month ago. Derennan and his party haven't returned to Hara, and here she was, laughing.

Even worse, Hagar picked-up some talk of Deidamamina's sudden good fortune. So he cooked up a plan with Ambros, Rorik, Darius, and newly recruited Bob. The last one will wait outside of the tavern in case Deidamamina tries to escape. Other four will approach her and gently demand to know where are their friends and what is the source of her new wealth. Rorik the Beautiful was chosen as face for this diplomatic encounter.

“Excuse me for interruption, but I believe we owe you wages for your services.” Rorik politely introduced himself as he handed over a coin pouch. The girls were giggling, while Deidamamina released a disappointed exhale.

“Thank you. I am saddened to hear you are not here to ask for my hand, like these two fine men.”

These two fine men were not giggling, nor were they in courting mood anymore for a heavily armoured and armed man in fighting fit flanked by a muscle-bound dwarf and two clerics were quite a mood killer. Both quickly vacated the table; their seats taken by the adventures.

“So, what happened to our friends? Can you tell us more?”

“Oh, you have to tell them! She has a crazy story! She was a real hero!” Deidamamina's girlfriends cheered her on. Encouraged, she leaned onto the table, and her eyes dilated as she recounted:

“Listen to this, you will not believe it! I was desperate for money so I accepted an offer from a crazy group of adventurers. There was an elf, two dwarves, a zealot, and a scary ranger with necklace made of bones. They gave me a massive silver ball to carry around for them. We travelled for around two or three days until we reached some tall, ruined tower.

Next thing you know, I'm following them down some dark and scary corridors. And then they find secret doors! And all the time I'm trying to be between them because everything is so scary! Anyway, the secret doors are opened by rotating one of the round symbols arranged in a circle... wait, let me draw that for you... see, like this.

Now comes the craziest part! They all go inside, and we come to some alien chamber with low ceiling and raised dais. In the middle of the chamber is this short pillar—just like you Hagar—with a depression in it. Your take the ball off of me and place it in there! And then it lights up, as does the dais!

And listen to this now! All five of them stand by the dais, holding their hands, and then step on it. And they vanish! Oh, and I was left all alone! I waited there for hours, nay, for days. But they did not return. So I summoned up the courage, took the silver orb, and snuck out. Oh how scary it was in the darkness, but I made it!

Once outside I returned back to Hara. And here I am!”

“Wow, fascinating story Deidamamina. And what happened to the silver orb?”

“I sold it of course! Isn't that what adventurers do? They recover treasure from scary places and sell them in civilised cities like our great Hara! At first I went to the jeweller but he gave me a really bad deal.

Next thing I know I am approached by a representative of Namelin family! I felt so special! And he gave me such a great offer—” Deidamamina now lowers her voice to whisper and leans in even closer to Rorik “—three hundred and twenty gold pieces. Yes! Right there, on the spot! I am settled for life! Now just to find a fine man, one like yourself...”

Adventures conversed with her for few more hours. Alas, the news of their last silver orb being acquired by the most ruthless merchant family in Hara were a tad deflating. And perhaps a bit worrying too. They couldn't blame Deidamamina for she did not lie, nor gloat. She did all she could for their friends. If only they had reached her before those damn Namelins did.

“Damn, what do we do?”

“It sounded like silver orb activates the dais.”

“Perhaps there are more in the dungeon?”

“Look at her drawing. There are nine circles. We recovered nine orbs. One was donated to the Thieves' Guild and we kept one. The rest we sold. And now the one we had is with the Namelins.”

“How about we approach them?”

“They'd spit straight into our face. And we are trying to build a rapport with the Imrael family...”

“How about we head straight to the dungeon? Perhaps we find them?”

“Or we all just die!”

“Is there a way to get into good graces with Namelins?”

“Well, they have this job ad that was up for months. They are offering 3 000 platinum pieces for Klekless Racoba—alive. Nobody made it yet.”

“Forget it, that guy would dust us like mites.”

“What then?!”

“Well, I spotted a new ad, from Lord of Midway, asking for enterprising adventurers to take care of a problem.”

“Who is that guy? What is the pay?”

Asking around produces some satisfactory results: Lord Kyle was young, honest, and generous. And Midway was right mid way between Ractuan and Hara.

Thawmist 18th, Earthday

“Stop. Danger ahead.”

The party had been following the trail from Hara to Dontrap and then downstream the river Farhills until they reached the point it merges with river Cedarwade and flows into the sea. From there they followed the latter upstream—until they spotted two fresh cow corpses on the trail. Both looked quite messed up.

Three dilapidated buildings flanked the trail: smithy and simple house to the left, and stables to the right. All three were shambolic. Whilst inspecting the smithy, Hagar was surprised by two pony-sized carnivorous flies. They buzzed and lunged around. Both Bod and Darius were tackled and defaced. Were it not for divine healing, both would be walking freak shows. Hagar killed both flies.

“Let's go back to Hara, heal, and then come back to finish this.”

Darius insisted on purging this place, for he is follower of Dacron, God of Craftsmen.

All agreed.

Thawmist 20th, Spiritday

The party was back, cow and giant fly corpses where they left them. Inspecting the house revealed two more flies, as well as underground complex of tunnels with several rotting corpses full of maggots as well as one more fly.

Hagar terminated all three, and then set all corpses on fire. Adventurers poured all the oil the had in the hole.

“Let it burn.”

Inspecting stable revealed an even larger tunneled complex, but no flies nor rotting corpses. Plenty of debris and bones though.

Adventurers wouldn't be adventurers had they not frisked all the human remains. That netted them 11 gold coins, an ivory flute beautifully carved to resemble a serpent, and a brass ear trumpet engraved with seahorses.

They rested at the smithy while house next door went up in flames. Our heroes reached Midway on Dewsnap 1st, Airday.

Will they make more friends here than they did in Hara?

Only one way to find out.

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