Conquering the Barbarian Altanis: Session 47


Character Class Description
Orda Fighter level 3 Very lawful and very goodly Karakan warrior from far east with bushy red mane and beard.
Fra Nevjest Cleric level 1 A rather clumsy devotee of Kodeus, the gnarly God of Dexterity and Patron Deity of Thieves.
Orion Thief level 3 Very chaotic and very desperate for money. His bright red pony-tail is so long he could sweep the floor with it.

Warmshade 19th, Fireday

“This is the Elder Temple. Or what was left of it at least.”

Fitzedward, a veteran warrior from a nearby hamlet Dontrap, announced as the party approached the foot of wood covered hill. Several opening carved into the hill were visible, as was the broad base where once the temple stood. Now it was nothing but rubble and few decrepit pillars.

Few days ago he recruited brave adventurers to help him and his two younger brothers, Doud and Hobart, find their missing sister. His research led him to suspect the long abandoned temple of long forgotten Deity of Law.

Fitzedward was grateful—and lucky—to have secured the help of following three brave souls.

“You are experienced adventurers. How should we approach the ruin?”

“Indeed we are. We shall begin by inspecting the opening closest to us. Then we shall scale all the way up to the temple ruins. Once there we shall scout the surroundings from our vantage point. Finally, we shall investigate other openings.”

And so they went.

The first opening was a simple affair. A carved tunnel framed with simple stone blocks. It led some twenty or thirty feet inside, terminating in a junction splitting to left and right.

Large carved face was just visible at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately there wasn't enough daylight to make out its features.

Having finished scouting this entrance, the party continued on with their plan.

Scaling the temple ruins revealed that yes, this temple has indeed been ruined. There were broken stone columns and chunks of wall strew all about the plateau. No threat was in sight.

“This is a symbol of Chaos.”

Fra Nevjest spent some time studying the large iron gates at the foot of the former temple. The doors were marked with a large circle. Eight arrows, each crossing the circle, have been gouged into the doors in a star-shaped pattern.

“What do you think Orion? Are these gates safe to open?”

Master Thief's investigation led him to conclude that no, there are no discernible traps on these massive iron doors. They seeming opened inwards, but without any notable handlebars they might require a lot of force to open.

“Let's check the last entrance, just below us.”

This entrance was also carved from the rock. And like the previous one, this opening was also framed with stone blocks. But these blocks were not as plain as the ones they've previously encountered.

Skull and skeletons and unknown runes were carved in all the blocks, with majority of the runes being just above the opening.

“Form ranks.”

Orda and Fitzedward took the front rank. Orion and Fra Nevjest followed. Doud and Hobart took the back, with the latter delegated to the torch-boy status.

The tunnel was simple. The air was stale. The atmosphere was unnerving. Two narrower tunnels were to their right, and a four-way junction just up ahead. Exercising prudence, the party decided to check each narrow tunnel before proceeding forward.

Now, this is where most of the people disagree and think the following has been dreamed up by the adventurers to justify their plunder of the sacred artefacts. I leave it up to you to decide for yourself.

Orda and Fra Nevjest were the only ones brave enough to go down the narrow tunnel. There they found five stone coffers. Orda recited words for the resting as he entered, whilst Fra Nevjest was following closely.

A cloud of light blue mist engulfed both, and transparent human figured materialised between them. Apparently it was a “guardian spirit” whom was in a great distress because the temple and catacombs have been desecrated by a necromancer.

“I have failed my task as the Guardian.” the ghost lamented.

Orda and Fra Nevjest offered their services, stating they are here on a noble quest to rescue the sister of Fitzedward.

“We'd be honoured to purge this place of evil and sanctify the altar.”

“Oh, you remind me of our strongest paladins! The evil that lurks here is strong. Cleric, head to the fourth sarcophagus from the left—there you will find a brooch that will protect you from evil.”

“Warrior, go into the adjacent crypt. There you will find the resting place of three paladins: The Phoenix, The Horse, and The Dragon. Open the first one—and none other!—there you will find a sword that never rusts.”

“Take nothing else and respect the resting. Return the artefacts once you've purged the evil.”

“We shall do so, oh mighty Guardian!”

Orion made sure to be as far way as he could from all this goody-two-shoes talk. The Guardian indicated that the main tunnel will take them deeper into the temple, where they will be able to find the source of evil.

The thief went on to scout it a bit. Two giant rats surprised him from underneath one of the loose stones. Orion wrestled one and promptly stabbed it to death. Orda severed the other in half. Then he splashed blood all over Orion.

Naturally, the party went back and spent an hour checking the crypts, “just to make sure nothing comes at us from behind.” Unbeknownst to others, Orion managed to nick a large gem that was atop a large stone chest in one of the chambers.


Fitzedward's roar echoed down the tunnels. He and his two brothers were left to guard the junction. Orion and Fra rushed to him as quickly as they could.

A grisly sight welcomed them. Doud was lying dead on the floor, a gaping wound on his neck and chest. Fitzedward was wrestling with a stout, naked human-like abomination.

The monsters had pale-pink skin, with many folds. It was hairless. The “head” looked as if someone dragged a skin over human head and then slapped a snout and rodent-like mouth. Its hands were clawed atrocity, and a set of jagged, yellow teeth protruded out of what could arguably be called its mouth.

Fitzedward was red with rage, while Hobart desperately tried to pull Doud from underneath the creature.

Orda was first to reach them, Fra soon joined the fray as well. But it was Fitzedward who decapitated the creature with a blow full of anger and sorrow.

“Brother!” he cried as he dropped to his knees.

“There will be time for sadness. But now we must find your sister. Let us go deeper.”

The tunnel went on and on, turning every thirty feet or so. Eventually they reached a t-shaped junction splitting up ahead and hard right.

Orion and Orda went to check the far right while the others took guard at the junction.

The duo found entered in a curious chamber. All the walls were painted with trees and flower, while the ceiling was painted pitch black and dotted with countless little white spots. Orion went on to explore an adjacent room while Orda was gazing at the ceiling.

Thief entered into a significantly smaller chamber. This was had all the surface painted in vibrant yellow. A blue stone sphere rested on the ground in each corner of the room. A curious man he is, Orion started playing with them.

He slapped one a few times. Then he jumped on it. Yes, it was made of stone. And yes, now he had a sore butt. Finally, he decided to roll one.

Lo and behold, it rolled in place! Next, he pushed it. Yes, it popped out of small floor depression it was in and rolled to the center of the room.

Fascinated by this, Orion went on to next sphere. This one was easy to push out of its depression as well. Only that it was a black hole that the thief failed to notice. Just like he failed to notice four giant centipedes scuttling out.

One of them found its way through Orion's pants, crawled up his thighs to his nether region. Sensing soft flesh, the creature took a powerful bit with its mandibles.

Orion yelped lough enough to draw Orda's attention. Karakan warrior refused to enter the chamber with centipedes munching on helpless thief.

“Here, hold onto this rope!”

He dragged him out of the chamber. As he did so, three giant centipedes scuttled back into the dark hole they came out of.

“My balls! It's eating my balls!” Orion cried in panic.

Orda's eyebrows and anus tensed as he did what he had to do.

He stomped Orion's affected area with all his might.

A stomach turning crunch could be heard as Orion was left breathless.

Orda carried him back to the junction.

“What happened?”

Everybody winced as Orda shared his account.

“I'm sorry this has happened to you, but we must keep on looking for our sister. Let's move on.”

Everyone agreed with Fitzedward's reminder, and the party pressed on. Even crippled Orion followed, refusing to leave the dungeon.

Another long tunnel, another T-shaped junction. This time the party went left, finding yet another junction. One path led to a green painted chamber. Birds were drawn on all the walls. A hug, majestic avian creature was painted on the south-west wall.

“Aelbos” was written on the plaque underneath it. Fra Nevjest spent some time contemplating and praying in the room for guidance.

Following the other path led them into a most disturbing chamber. This one had a number of faces painted on the walls. Faces themselves were various human expressions, but each one of them was gouged or otherwise defaced.

A demon-like stone statue which stood in the north-east corner of the room made everyone uneasy.

“Ha, I have a good idea!” Fra Nevjest announced as he took out brooch given to him by the Guardian. He held it with both hands and approached the statue.

It hissed and jumped at the cleric. The party quickly surrounded it and started hacking it down quicker than it could do the same to Fra Nevjest.

“Help us! Save us!” a female voice yelled from behind the corridor that the statue was blocking.

“That's Etarra, our sister! Begone demon!”

And with a battle cry, Fitzedward cleaved the black statue in half. It crumbled to pieces, black ichor oozing from its wounds, and then it turned gray and turned to dust.

“Quickly, follow me!” Fitzedward rushed in, Hobart besides him, Orda and Fra Nevjest right behind them.

A small, dirty room was just at the end of this narrow corridor. Etarra and Albraita, her husband, were manacled and chained to the wall. The party quickly broke their chains and rushed outside.

“Sacred Guardian, we wow to return and cleanse this place of evil as soon as we return this two good people to safety!”

The ghost nodded at brave adventurers as they left the complex underneath the ruined Elder Temple.

“Thank you for helping us. I have some unfinished business with the evil that lurks there. I promise to return with you.”

“We shall help you avenge your brother.”

Fitzedward gripped his sword and hugged Etarra.

Wilderlands might be tough, but so are its people.

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