Conquering the Barbarian Altanis: Session 43


Character Class Description
BuddyPuddingBottom Elf level 2 Peppermint scented elf followed by jingles, on a quest for the perfect gift.
Rad Thief level 3 A young, short and malnourished rogue.
Rhovar Fighter level 3 A generic Nordic guy.
Kuqhir of the Wastes Magic-User level 2 A thin, tall, dark skinned man with a magnificent beard that tickles his bellybutton. Dresses in silk robes and tightly folded turban embroidered with names of all known angels.
Amanka Cleric level 1 Dour, glum, tight-lipped, and baggy-eyed cleric with a gravestone-shaped talisman. She reveres the Fallen One, a petty god of fallen warriors and unsung heroes.
Neremyn Elf level 1 A tall, pale, and lean scholar of languages with silver hair and a somewhat distant attitude.

Sunstrong 19th, Fireday

Having rested at their camp, the party was ready to head back to the crypts. After all, Pinella's arguments about countless riches hidden inside were too irresistible.

The expeditionary force consisting of Rhovar, Amanka, Neremyn, Rad, BuddyPuddingBottom, Kuqhir, Arnbella, Bowerroth, and Galiana confidently marched in. The stone portal was closed.

That's not how they left it.

“Spread out!”

One of them pulled on the hidden lever that unlocks the portal, while others manned the nearby bastion.

Massive stone slab raised lazily, just like the last time, until it stopped some eight feet tall with a loud thud. The chamber with runic inscriptions was as they left it. Three corpses still laid on the ground solemnly.

The party moved in cautiously, making sure to avoid the runes and corpses.

Double doors to their left were wide open—this was the chamber they burst in the previous day. Double doors to the right were still closed. The passageway ahead was wide open.

Few of the members secured the passageway while others took to the closed double doors. It was Rad who heard belly laugh and squeaking sounds emanating from behind them.

He signalled to the others that he heard something of interest. They soon started to form a line in front of the doors that were about to received the same treatment as before.


“What th–”

The corpse Galiana accidentally stepped on uttered a blood-chilling shrill, surprising her. Shocked, Bowerroth stepped back onto yet another corpse!

The first corpse sprung up, torn off Galiana's face as she tried to reach her holy symbol, bit incoming Rad, and clawed at swinging Rhovar. All three fell down to the ground.

Two remaining clerics rubbed their holy symbols.

Two remaining clerics failed to summon their deity's favour.

Then one of them got brutally disembowelled by the other slumbering undead.

Then the last of them, being Amanka, decided to run for her life.

“Look! They aren't dead!”

Kuqhir yelled at the fleeing members.

Indeed, Rhovar and Rad were merely lying in stiff, contorted positions.

Galiana on the other hand, was most definitely dead.

The vicious monster that had already claimed three lives charged at Buddy.

Kuqhir and Neremyn used the opportunity to approach Rad and Rhovar respectively. The wizard managed to pick up the thief, but elf struggled with the bulky, heavily armoured warrior.

As if they weren't it having tough enough, suddenly someone opened the double doors to the south.

That someone being a group of four squat goblins.

The monster jumped on Buddy, but failed to drive its claws into him. It did manage to lick his face, leaving foul saliva all over him. The elf pushed the monster away, and then took a run for it.

In a most welcome turn of events, the monster charged into the group of confused goblins instead after the elf. Perhaps it was put off by his peppermint flavoured skin.

Either way, what remained of the party was fleeing at full speed. Except Kuqhir and Neremyn who were desperately trying to save Rad and Rhovar. There was still one undead that was chasing after them.

In the flash of brilliance, Kuqhir threw his satchel to Amanka.

“There are some oil flasks inside!”

Amanka promptly set the whole satchel on fire and threw it straight into the face of the pursuing monster.

The gods heard her now.

The expeditionary force retreated back to their camp leaving horrible screams behind them.

There they rested long enough for Rad and Rhovar to regain their senses.

And then they marched to Antil.

Sunstrong 19th, Sunset

Neremyn found an obsidian citadel encroached by the jungle.

He took a peek beyond the broken portion of the wall.

There he saw three house-sized spiders consume a giant-sized humanoid.

The party continued to Antil.

Sunstrong 20th, Spiritday

Finally, the Gates of Antil!

Feeling generous, the party liberated Amdor, and hired the rest of their prisoners—Pipluk the Elf and two thugs named Luqe and Argun.

And then Rhovar jovially announced:

“Let's get paralytic for the second time today!”

Illustrations by Idle Doodler.

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