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Mythmere Games just launched a new Kickstarter with five books for Swords & Wizardry:

  • Swords & Wizardry: The Book of Options. 11 new optional character classes, new spells, new magic items, and much more.
  • Fiends & Foes – A Monster Compendium. 300 monsters updated with morale numbers and revisions to the Swords & Wizardry Complete Revised rules.
  • Domain of Heryngard. A hex-crawl campaign with a section of the Uldra Cthon megadungeon and room to explore.
  • Tomb of the Iron God. Great, challenging low-level adventure.
  • Referee Screen. 33 inches long and 8.5 inches tall, printed in color on cardstock.

Read more and back on Kickstarter.

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Return to Perinthos: A Memorial Book Fundraiser in the Memory of Jennell Jaquays has just launched. It contains over 80 “one-spread” dungeons that can be used together or standalone, unpublished Q&A with Jaquays, and a mini-setting by Luke Gearing.

Pre-publication contributions can be seen here. Some of the OSR systems included are OSE, S&W, Cairn, and Shadowdark. There are also OD&D and AD&D contributions as well.

I've donated the Halls of Viridian Mist, a dungeon level for 4 to 6 Swords & Wizardry Complete characters levels 3 to 5. This challenging adventure features many tricks Jaquays used in her dungeons like non-linear loops, multiple elevations, interactive factions, and secret doors hidden behind other secret doors.

You can learn more, support the fundraiser, and get the book here.

#News #Crowdfunding #OSR

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