Black Friday 2022: OSR

In the previous posts I've focused on the specific publishers:

In this, probably last post (gotta keep my own wallet safe), I list my recommendations for materials compatible with TSR and OSR games. Most of the books bellow are settings and procedures, which makes it easy to take out elements you find interesting and use them in your game.


Dave Hargrave was a mad man. A very creative mad man. You might never play Arduin as written, which just like Palladium Fantasy was a bunch of AD&D 1E house rules, but you will walk away inspired like never before.

Hack & Slash Publishing

Campion & Clitherow

Weather? Weather! Never worry again. Never.

True Mask Games

Factions? Factions! Never worry again. Never.

Green Ronin Publishing

They used to make good setting books during 3E era. Here are a few I enjoyed.

Geoffrey McKinney

Seriously, for less than $10 you can get material that will last you a lifetime whenever your players decide to go somewhere you haven't prepared for. As a bonus, below supercharges B1 and B2.

Simon Forster

What, you want more variety than in Mike's dungeon. “Production qualities?” Well then you are in luck, because Simon Forster has written splendid digest-sized books of lairs:

Expeditious Retreat Press

The first publisher of OSRIC material. A lot of good stuff, but I picked few of more generic offerings I often use.

Your favourites?

Do let me know your favourite OSR supplements. Just because my wishlist is big, doesn't mean it can't get bigger.

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