Keep calm and carry on: OGL 1.0 isn't going anywhere

Wizards of the Coast has announced they'll update the Open Gaming Licence. By update, they of course mean they'll reduce what one is able to do, introduce new ridiculous restrictions, and sabotage their existing fan base who are promoting them for free.

Ever since 4E there's been a lot of discussions regarding how irrevocable OGL really is. In the wake of recent developments, Alexander Macris (creator of the excellent Adventurer Conqueror King System) offers an interesting take:

In short: it is unlikely that the current version of OGL can be revoked. It is very likely Wizards of the Coast will try to do whatever they can to get everyone on their new OGL.

But really, OSR creators don't need anything beyond OGL 1.0 and 1.0a. I seriously doubt new WotC edition will bring any significant innovations worth backporting.

All of this might be a good spark for creating a rock-solid D&D retro-clone released under the Creative Commons licence.

In fact, if you have:

then send me an email. Perhaps there is enough of us to make a difference.

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