Adventure: LB01 The Crossroads of Chalden

The Crossroads of Chaldén, an adventure resurrected from 1986, which I had the pleasure of editing (mildly) and laying out has been published in July:

Crossroads of Chalden takes place near the barbarian lands of snow and ice. The people are gruff and suspicious of outsiders, and to folk from other lands they seem introverted and superstitious. First written back in 1986, this Dragonsfoot publication is a ready-to-play module with an introduction to a new world for First Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Plenty of information to flesh out the world in which Chalden lies, or to place it within the World of Greyhawk. Included is also helpful hints for new DMs in how to run and adjudicate the module. An AD&D adventure for Characters Levels 2-3.

Download it for free from Dragonsfoot.

And here is the forum topic where you can ask one of the authors (Peyre) questions.

I'm confident this module won't be everyones cup of tea, but it is a fascinating window into a home-brewed adventure from mid-80s, 1e era.

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