2023 Character Creation Challenge: Collected Characters


You can read more about the challenge here.

As part of the challenge I made a character each day. They are perfectly usable as retainers for classic Dungeons & Dragons games (BX, BECMI, RC) and their retroclones (e.g. Labyrinth Lord and Old-School Essentials).

Without any further ado, here they are in the list form:

Day 1: Richrad “The Treacherous” Feutrer (Fighter) Day 2 Watt “The Merciful” Coxeter (Thief) Day 3: Arnbella Meale (Magic-User) Day 4: Bowerroth (Cleric) Day 5: Annora Hornblow (Cleric) Day 6: Tolbert “The Violet” (Fighter) Day 7: Theilras Alynshadow (Elf) Day 8: Seaherita Spier (Magic-User) Day 9: Alaine (Thief) Day 10: Widuklar Weakshield (Dwarf) Day 11: Theodosia “The Fiendish” Sendall (Magic-User) Day 12: Luna (Cleric) Day 13: Nireal (Elf) Day 14: Magna “The Numb” (Thief) Day 15: Boastridge Callendar (Magic-User) Day 16: Iduna (Fighter) Day 17: Grover Winmill (Magic-User) Day 18: Proctor Maskill (Magic-User) Day 19: Cottar Goodman (Halfling) Day 20: Galiana “The Lily” Payne (Cleric) Day 21: Bhimrao (Cleric) Day 22: Redesca Tabiner (Magic-User) Day 23: Marorbriel (Elf) Day 24: Anvild Happynose (Dwarf) Day 25: Gadsby “The Waggish” (Fighter) Day 26: Theellith Aelerrili (Elf) Day 27: Newall (Thief) Day 28: Margwald “The Marksman” (Dwarf) Day 29: Zenon (Cleric) Day 30: Montfort Grater (Magic-User) Day 31: Ulrich “The Ripe” Gaman (Fighter)


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