2023 Character Creation Challenge Day 7


You can read more about the challenge here.

Theilras Alynshadow

Class: Elf Alignment: Neutral Languages: Elvish, Common, Alignment, Orcish, Hobgoblin, Gnoll

Appearance: 4'6” / 1,37 m, 65 lbs. / 29 kg; dark auburn wild hair; unusually well groomed chin-curtain beard Traits: Gambler, will do anything to win affection of his third cousin

Hit points: 3 Armor class: 7


STR: 13 (+1 to hit, damage, and open doors) INT: 12 (reads and writes native languages) WIS: 8 (-1 on magic-based saving throws) DEX: 8 (-1 to hit with missiles, +1 AC penalty, -1 initiative) CON: 16 (+2 points per hit die) CHA: 13 (+1 adjustment to reactions)

Saving throws

Death Ray or Poison: 12 Magic Wands: 13 Paralysis or Turn to Stone: 13 Dragon Breath: 15 Rods, Staves, or Spells: 15


Coins: 3 gp Armor: Leather Armor plus Shield Weapons: Long Sword Gear: Spell Book (Magic Missile), Backpack, Wolfsbane (1 bunch), Steel Hand Mirror, Wooden Pole (10ft), Iron Rations (1 week), Wine (1 qt)


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