2024 Character Creation Challenge Day 1


You can read more about the challenge here.

Dedicated to Niko whom once lamented “man you have SW in the scene for like 10 or more years and you cannot get a supplement with pregens.”

This year we'll be moving from B/X rules to OD&D rules (via Swords & Wizardry Complete Revised). As part of the move, and due to lamentations of my friend, I have decided to make 260 pregens: 20 for each human class, and then 20 for each ancestry (dwarf, elf, halfling).

It is quite possible that I won't be able to finish all 260 this month, but that won't stop me for trying. Given the numbers, I'll do this year's challenge a bit differently than character per day.

First I'll generate 20 ability score sets (3d6 in order). Then I'll generate names, appearance, and traits. Then I'll equip them (1/3 spent on armour, adventuring gear, leave at least 5 gp).

Resources I'll be using are:

LibreOffice Calc and Inspiration Pad Pro (command line version) will be my digital tools of choice. In fact, I think most of my time this week will go on automating many of the rolls above so I can focus on the characters!


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