#RPGaDAY2023 – Day 6: Favourite game you never get to play


As a kid I loved playing video games, primarily on game consoles (Sega MegaDrive, PlayStation, and PlayStation 2). My favourite genre was (is?) a mix of an RPG and strategy (real-time or turn-based). Thinks Heroes of Might & Magic. Alas, such games were very, very rare on consoles. But there was one series that really stood out: Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

It was really amazing—mind-blowing to me at the time, especially given I haven't really played computer games. You could create your character, randomly rolling for ability scores, pick an avatar image. Then you'd start in one of map regions and could go on and do whatever! Get involved in developing the local area, join the local force and climb through their ranks, engage in diplomacy, violence, parlay (you could slander someone so bad they commit suicide), start a dynasty and continue playing with your offspring...

Man, I played that game series so much. Now, I can't remember which one I played the most (VII, VIII, IX, X, or XI), but I do remember it was probably the last one that had top-down view of the map. I didn't like newer ones that used isometric map with marching forces. That version did away with most of the governance and non-violent options.


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