#RPGaDAY2022 – Day 22: Who is your current character?

Rarder Brete, a hardened warrior of unpleasant face. He left service in favour of adventuring long ago.

Long deep brown hair and beard only accentuate his stern frown. Despite his age and average physique, he is still more than capable of delivering deadly blows and outmanoeuvring diabolical creatures.

He is currently dressed in Orilandian ornate plate mail covered with a Robe of Protection. Nightswing, his trusted ebony hand-axe, and Dragon's Filter, a magical shield stopping explosions and breath attacks, are his weapons of choice.

Alfredward and Hats are his only friends. Turns out dwarves are better companions in the long run. Hardy. Rarder isn't too happy about his recent debt to a chaotic cleric whom saved his life...


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