And let there be comments

Commenting on blog posts is (was?) a big part of the OSR movement. Nowadays most of the commenting systems, either from the blogging platforms themselves or external, have became unwieldy and difficult to use. They ask to create an account with full name, email, social security number, rights to firstborn child, and what not.

I finally sat down to figure out how to add a privacy-respecting, no-nonsense commenting to my blog. The solution I settled for, cusdis, is primitive, ultra-minimal, and collects nothing. Alas, I'm not that good with coding (scripting?), so I don't know how to edit cusdis javascript and tailwind css to match the look of the blog.

Either way, it will serve the purpose. You will find “Comment” area just below the line at the end of each blog post. Since it is anonymous, i.e. you don't need an account to comment, I have to manually approve each and every comment.

Let me know how are you finding it!

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